Small Kit

Small Kit

Small Kit

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The small-sized Garden Vigor Complete Garden Care Kit contains 5 concentrated products and is designed to be used throughout the entire season.   It has enough products to complete approximately 16 foliar applications and 14 soil applications over about 400 square feet.   The secret to the kit’s success is that it stimulates the soil’s biology to release natural fertility and simultaneously fertilizes the plant with foliar applied nutrients.  This makes the plant grow more efficiently. 

The Kit Contains:
  • One 4 oz. bottle of Environoc 401
  • One 4 oz. bottle of MaxGrow
  • One 8 oz. bottle of Emerald Mist
  • One 1 lb. bag of Cell-U-Lime
  • One 1 lb. bag of Sulf-O-Cal
  • Two 8 oz. spray bottles
  • One measuring device

The Products and the Science

1. MaxGrow is an all-natural product that provides special sugars that help feed both the plant and the soil while providing extra energy for each to be more efficient.  These sugars are noted to help plants make extremely strong cell walls that help hold the contents of the cells and make the fruit firmer.  It also contains specialized “good guy” bacterial properties that stimulate the soil to be healthier and encourage good root development by the plant.

2. Environoc 401 is a natural consortium of aerobic (oxygen loving) and anaerobic (oxygen deficient) microbes consisting of beneficial bacteria and fungi. These microbes are not bioengineered, but present in soils naturally all over the world. They are present in very high concentrations in our solution and can be added directly to the soil, added to liquid starter fertilizer programs, or impregnated on dry fertilizer granules.

3. Emerald Mist is a special foliar fertilizer that does many positive things for the plant.  It provides the 3 major elements, NPK, which are often applied to the soil and also has special sugars that stimulate growth and energy production.  It features a special package of new earth-friendly, chelated micronutrients that help the plant make more fruit and keep the deep green foliage that gardeners love. The most exciting feature is a special nutrient combination that is a more natural form of a fungal deterrent, not a man-made fungicide that has been specially synthesized in a lab.  It has been shown to deter root rots, powdery mildew and downy mildew.  These are the main diseases that most garden plants suffer with and can eventually die from.

4. Cell-U-Lime is an extremely fine grind of high-calcium lime that is called “bio-available.”  The limiting factor for lime is generally the coarse nature that takes years to break down and get into both plants and soil microbes.  Cell-U-Lime builds strong cells and great microbial communities in the soil and plant simultaneously.  It is the building block of soils and plants.  It neutralizes acid and helps build strong soil condition often times called “soil tilth.”  It also encourages high sugar content and nutrient density.

5. Sulf-O-Cal is an extremely fine-ground form of gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) that provides bio-available calcium and sulfur to encourage plant and microbial proteins.  It gives the plant greater nutrition and helps in the development of premium color and flavor.  The sulfur in the product helps keep the soil softer and in better condition, especially where high clay contents are present.  

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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