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Encourage Those ‘Good-Guy’ Fungi – and Watch Your Garden Grow!

VermActant is a soil stimulant designed to encourage the development of specialized “good-guy” fungi that help protect plant roots from disease. Should soil conditions go bad, these beneficial fungi signal the plant that it’s in danger and help keep its immune system active. VermActant microbes colonize a root system in such high numbers that it becomes difficult for pathogens to get a foothold.

Product Benefits:
  • improves soil structure and water-holding capacity
  • helps amend hydrophobic (water-repelling) soils
  • increases biological activity in the soil
  • enhances root initiation and increases root growth
  • increases the availability of soil nutrients
  • reduces nitrate leaching
  • improves fertilizer efficiency
  • provides nutrition for beneficial microbes
  • increases yields and allows plants to mature properly
  • encourages a healthy soil ecosystem as well as plant growth, flowering, and fruit production
  • may be mixed with MaxGrow for added soil benefit

Packaging and Use:
  • 2 oz bottle
  • Mix 2 tsp. of VermActant with 16 oz. of water.
  • Apply directly in the soil as a lining in each plant hole prior to planting.
  • Also apply to the soil in a light mist above each root ball or seed slot before moving on.
  • Do not soak the soil with VermActant.
  • Repeat soil application every 14 to 28 days.
  • Covers approximately 400 sq ft. with up to 12 applications per season.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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