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Pump Up Plant Color, Vigor and Produce Flavor.

Sulf-O-Cal relieves your garden of calcium and sulfur deficiencies. It’s a fine-ground calcium sulfate material that’s bio-available and readily picked up by soil and plant microbes. Have you ever wondered why your tomatoes and other veggies look and taste so bland these days? It’s not solely for lack of nitrogen. It could be from lack of sulfur. Sulf-O-Cal provides it – and a whole lot more.

Product Benefits:
  • calcium component ...
    • improves early root growth
    • helps eliminate blossom-end rot
    • increases calcium concentration crucial to food production
    • helps build strong cell walls
  • sulfur component improves the protein and amino acid content of plant and soil microbes
  • calcium and sulfur together ...
    • improve plant color, vigor, strength, and food flavor
    • improve plant disease resistance
    • help to improve nodulation and nitrogen production in legume crops
    • contribute to winter hardiness
    • improve soil structure and drainage by tying up ions like sodium and magnesium
    • enable better management of heavy clay soils
    • reduces aluminum toxicity in extremely acid soils, allowing better root growth
  • does not change soil pH
  • may be used in conjunction with any other Garden Vigor product for added benefit

Packaging and Use:
  • 1 lb bag
  • Apply ½ teaspoon of Sulf-O-Cal directly in each plant hole prior to planting.
  • Replace the soil around each root ball when the plant is properly seated in the hole.
  • Water each plant moderately, being careful not to soak the soil.
  • When planting seeds, sprinkle a light amount of Sulf-O-Cal directly above the seed slot to reduce crusting.
  • Enough material to set about 110 plants/seeds .

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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