BD1 Stubble Digester

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Stubble digestion is not a new idea. This is a process that is ongoing in farm fields, ranchlands, flower gardens, and lawns. Virtually anywhere that plants are laid back on the earth, they begin to break down and recycle as the proper microbes begin the work of digesting them. The newness of the process comes in identifying more efficient microbes that work quickly to improve the breakdown efficiency. To work quickly and efficiently, the microbes need to be on the stalks or fodder and have a sustainable food source to continue building their enormous populations. The microbes need to be able to break down cellulose and lignin and make an ample supply of enzymes in order to continue the process. A lack of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphate can limit microbial growth.

BD1 is the most recent development in a long series of biostimulants that have been released in the past five years. With over 25 naturally-occurring organisms present in very high concentrations in this solution, growers will experience one of the finest breakdown curves present in technology products available today. The overall objective is to not totally digest the stubble, only to etch its surface and allow water to penetrate and get more organisms inside the stalk. By accomplishing this, nutrients flow from inside the stalk out to the soil and are recycled for next year's crop. This cycling assures fresh nutrients coming to you annually and keeps the cost of additional fertilizer applications to a minimum. It also allows some surface fodder to remain and keep erosion to a minimum.

BD1 is a solution of naturally-occurring microbes selected from the soil, no bio-engineering. This assures no major harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. The solution also contains a food source for the microbes to allow them to establish on the surface of your residue. Applying some supplemental nitrogen will assure a long breakdown curve for the microbes and achieve the highest amount of digestion. A minimum of 2 gallons of 28%, 32% or Ammonium Thiosulfate will be sufficient to create a great microbial bloom.

Applications can be made with both fall-applied herbicide and insecticide programs. Applications can also be made with fungicides, although it is not generally recommended. Fungi are very important providers of enzymes that reduce stubble. Most fungicides are non-selective in that they destroy both good guy and bad guy fungi. The components in BD1 rely on the interactions between bacteria and fungus to do their best work.

Light moisture helps microbes do their work more efficiently, but heavy rains tend to wash microbes off the surface of the residue. Splashing rains actually put more microbes from the soil back on the residue and assist in stalk breakdown. It is fine to apply the product if light to moderate showers are expected, but applying them right before a large rain event could reduce the effectiveness of the initial breakdown. However, just because the microbes have been washed off does not mean they have been washed away. They will remain tucked safely underneath and around the edges of your fodder and will work from the ground up rather than from the top down, so the technology will not have been wasted. Several of these microbes also contain nutrient-releasing enzymes that help in releasing natural nutrition from the soil for next year's crop. The suggested rate for broadcast application is 1 quart per acre in enough water to get good coverage.

Ag Testimonials:

"When I went out to work my fields this spring, the stalks melted under my tractor tires." (Owensboro, KY)

"My neighbors had a full load of stubble this spring. I couldn't believe it! With one pass of my vertical tillage tool and my strip till rig, my stubble was gone!" (Hal Rogers, Wilshire OH)

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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