Environoc 501

Environoc 501

Environoc 501

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Thatch in lawns is often a misunderstood problem. Contrary to what most people believe, thatch is not just a buildup of grass clippings. Thatch is actually matted layer of living and dead organic material (roots, stems, runners, clippings) between the green matter and the soil surface. Thatch accumulates as this organic material builds up faster than the process of biological breakdown takes place.

Excessive thatch (over 1/2" thick) creates an unfavorable growing environment for your grass and a favorable environment for pests and disease. Heavy thatch is very undesirable because the roots of your lawn will grow into the thatch layer and barely into the soil. Another issue is that thatch acts like a sponge for water and deprives the soil of required water levels. This only perpetuates the grass growing into the thatch layer where the water is present. It turns into a vicious cycle of more and more thatch.

There can be several reasons for thick thatch layers on lawns, but most often the root cause is biological: there is something wrong with the soil. Excessive fertilization, excessive pesticide use, and poor ph levels in soil all contribute to a "sterile" soil which is not healthy with microbial life that can break down thatch. This means a weak, insect- and disease-prone lawn due to an excessive layer of buildup.

You cannot alleviate a true thatch condition with power raking or so-called "dethatching" machines. These will get to the surface of the thatch layer only, because if they dig in any deeper they will tear out the grass. Remember, with thatch the grass is usually growing into the matted layer and barely into the soil.

The best way to reduce thatch is to get it to naturally decompose via a healthy soil teeming with microbial life. The objective is to create a healthy soil that is well aerated and bioactive. Environoc 501 microbial blend helps ensure that the specific microbes necessary for thatch decomposition are present and viable in your soil. Environoc 501 is made up of 25 strains of 100% naturally occurring microbes. These microbes are very effective at degradation of lignin (the main reason that thatch builds up quicker than it can be broken down) and many of its byproducts. Routine treatment with Environoc 501 can effectively breakdown thatch and return your lawn to a healthy biological normal thatch layer state.

  • Natural product, non-toxic, and safe for humans and animals.
  • 25 Strains of Naturally Occurring and Non-Pathogenic Beneficial Microbes selected for their capabilities to provide Enhanced Biological Degradation of Agricultural Crop Residue /Field Stubble
  • Liquid Inoculant- Capabilities include Cellulose and related polymer degradation, Chitin and related polymer degradation, Degradation of lignin and many of its breakdown products. Improved Biological Composting and Degradation of Crop Residue = Enhanced Release of Nutrition into the Soil
  • Environoc microbes are comprised of 100% naturally-occurring (non-pathogenic or genetically modified) bacteria/fungi that have been selected for their special degradation or biostimulation abilities.
One quart container.
Proudly Made in the U. S. A.

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