Environoc 401

Environoc 401

Environoc 401

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Benefits of Environoc 401:

  • Enhanced growth and health of turf and lawns via enhanced rhizosphere activities
  • Numerous Benefits: better nutrient uptake, increased root mass and depth, massive    increase in soil microbial activity, drought resistance, disease and parasite resistance
  • Significant Reduction in Fertilizer Inputs
  • Beneficial Microorganisms specifically isolated for More Productive and Healthy Soil
  • 100% Natural, Fresh, and Viable Microbes-Trillions per gallon, Foliar Application
  • Safe for pets and children, Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic, and “Green”
Product Highlights:

Environoc 401 is a natural consortium of aerobic (oxygen loving) and anaerobic (oxygen deficient) microbes consisting of beneficial bacteria and fungi. These microbes are not bioengineered, but present in soils naturally all over the world. They are present in very high concentrations in our solution and can be added directly to the soil, added to liquid starter fertilizer programs, or impregnated on dry fertilizer granules.

The purpose and objective of Environoc 401 is to provide enzyme-producing microbes to the soil and rhizosphere in order to cause reactions to occur which release fertility. The microbes do this through production of enzymes that eat fats, oils and lipids; improve nitrogen fixation to the soil directly from the air; make proteins and amino acids that help feed the plants and other microbes; and release enzymes that directly release nutrients from old fertilizers and minerals present in the soil, especially phosphate.

These new “microbial bio-fertilizers” as they have been termed can be pre-programmed by their builders to accomplish many benefits and features that the market desires. Ultimately, sustainability and reduced environmental impact from fertilizer overload or improper timing is the goal. In addition, improving plant growth, plant productivity, and soil condition are the direct by-products of using these treatments.

By including both beneficial aerobes and anaerobes, Environoc 401 has a forgiveness factor built into its formula. If at any time the soil gets turned upside down by extreme rain events, the 401 continues to deliver benefits and value through these tough conditions. Enzyme products and mixes with only aerobes in them react entirely different when suffocation conditions begin to occur: they tend to go upside down and take a long time to recover. Environoc 401 will plow ahead and keep positive reactions occurring no matter the conditions. With the ability to communicate one on one with the plant through biochemical signals, 401 keeps plants informed and encourages them to keep their immune systems turned on. These organisms will inhabit the root systems in very high concentrations effectively excluding things like root rot fungi that long to devour the roots of plants and steal their production energy.

You may have never considered using a product like 401 due to the biological nature and invisibility of the science. Rethink your decision and try some of the most up to date technology present in the industry today.

One quart container.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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