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Cell-u-lime is an extremely fine-ground form of high-calcium lime that is “bio-available.” The limiting factor for lime is generally the coarse nature that takes years to break down and become available to both plants and soil microbes.  Cell-u-lime builds strong cells and great microbial communities in the soil and plant simultaneously, since calcium is the building block of both soils and plants.  It neutralizes acid and helps build strong soil condition, often times called “soil tilth.”  It also encourages high sugar content and nutrient density in plants.

Product Benefits:
  • provides calcium for stronger cell walls and greater nutrient density
  • promotes beneficial microbial activity in plants and soil
  • reduces acidity in soil
  • discourages growth of fungus and moss in lawns
Packaging and Use:
  • 1 lb bag
  • Apply 1/2 teaspoon of Cell-U-Lime directly in lining of each plant hole prior to planting.
  • When planting from pots 1/2 gallon or larger, use a full teaspoon.
  • Replace the soil around each root ball when the plant is properly seated in the hole.
  • Water each plant moderately, being careful not to soak the soil.
  • When planting seeds, sprinkle on the soil above the seed slot to reduce crusting.
  • Enough material to set about 110 plants/seeds.
  • Not for continued use with roses.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Cell-U-Lime C-U-L

Fine-ground Lime

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