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3/21/2010Dan Coffin Interview, WTAQ Radio
Certified Professional Agronomist and owner of Garden Vigor, Inc, Dan Coffin talks with host Mike Austin on AgTalk Radio WTAQ regarding soil and plant interactions and the future of growing crops in America
3/19/2010Protect your Garden from Blossom End Rot with Sulf-O-Cal
Blossom end rot is the bane of many gardeners existence. It can get so bad that it renders masses of fruits inedible. Protect your garden from this disorder with Sulf-O-Cal and never see those dark lesions on your otherwise pristine fruits again!
3/2/2010Garden Vigor Takes Root in Innovation Park
Announcement by press release of new company in Fort Wayne at Innovation Park with website at
1/22/2010Launched Website
We have launched the new Garden Vigor website.
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