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5/3/2010MaxGrow - Essential Sugars and Energy for Plants
MaxGrow helps your plants grow more efficiently. This organically certified product provides essential energy to your plants with special kinds of sugars and 'good-guy' bacteria. Read more about how MaxGrow can make your garden beautiful, vital and sustainable in this news article.
4/30/2010Root Rot - A Common Problem with Wet Conditions
An excess of water this summer can cause flowering plants like begonias or violets to wilt and become weak. Read about protecting your summer plants this season with VermActant, in this news article.
4/26/2010Emerald Mist - Powdery Mildew Defense & Plant Nutrition
Powdery mildew is a common foliar disease that is seen on grapes, apples, pears, melons and more. This fungal disease affects a wide range of plants and can diminish the flavor and production of our edible crops. Read more on how our concentrated plant and soil nutrition product, Emerald Mist, helps to remedy the problem of powdery mildew.
4/18/2010"Schedule an Event" Request has a Glitch
Schedule an Event form request not working properly
4/9/2010Please Your Pea Plants This Spring with Sulf-O-Cal
With the coolness of spring, temperatures are perfect for sowing our pea crops. This colorful legume will enjoy a soil rich in calcium and sulfur, and our product Sulf-O-Cal will encourage early root growth and nitrogen production for the pea plant. Read more in the article about sowing your peas this spring.
4/5/2010Emerald Mist Keeps Leeks Healthy This Growing Season
Leeks are a delicious onion-like crop with a variety of culinary uses such as leek and potato soup. Ensure that you grow the best tasting and the healthiest leek plants with our Emerald Mist spray. Read more in the article about growing leeks this spring.
4/2/2010Spring Gardening Tips - VermActant Encourages a Healthy Soil Ecosystem
As springtime is upon us gardeners once again, we start to think of how we can make this growing season a success in terms of healthy plants and vegetables. Our product, VermActant, utilizes healthy microbes and fungi to encourage healthy plant soil and protection from root rot. With a healthy root system and surrounding soil, your plants have a great foundation to grow from - thanks to the aid of VermActant. Read more in the article about the benefits to soil health and the overall quality of plant health that VermActant can offer.
3/29/2010Encourage Healthy Tomato Root Growth with MaxGrow
As gardeners start their tomatoes from seeds or transplants this spring, it is important to know the best kind of conditions for growing the plant. A product such as MaxGrow will provide a wide variety of healthy soil and growth benefits for your future tomato fruits. Read more in the article about tomato growing tips and our organically certified product, MaxGrow.
3/26/2010Lack of Acid Rain Results in Sulfur Deficiency in Soils
Cleaning up our air has had an unforeseen impact on farmers and commercial growers in the US, especially in the Midwestern states.
3/22/2010Use Emerald Mist to Stop Powdery Mildew in Its Tracks
Powdery mildew is not only an unsightly fungus; it can cause serious damage to your most beloved plants. Use our Emerald Mist to protect your plants from a potentially devastating infection.
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