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6/23/2010Prevent Blight and Black Spots on Leaves with Emerald Mist and VermActant
Prevent and defend against the fungal infections leaf spot and blight, which develop on the foliar portion of your plants, with our natural gardening products. During especially wet weather, fungal diseases can spread throughout your garden, and telltale black spots may form on your plant's leaves and stems. But with our exceptional plant nutrition and fungicidal activity product Emerald Mist and our soil stimulant VermActant, you can protect against black spots on leaves caused by leaf spot and the deterioration of your plant's flowers caused by blight.
6/21/2010Leaf Rust - A Common Fungal Garden Disease
Have you noticed brown spots on the leaves of your plants and don't know exactly what the cause is? Well, a common fungal disease called leaf rust could be the culprit. In this news article, read about our program of preventative care against leaf rust in your garden by using our exceptional plant nutrition product Emerald Mist that offers exceptional fungicidal protection against fungal diseases.
6/9/2010Pumping Up a Late-Planted Garden
If rain or other problems have you behind schedule for planting your garden this year, know that it's not to late to get started! Garden Vigor has products to speed up the process and still grow healthy and nutritious fruits and veggies.
6/4/2010MaxGrow: A Beautiful, Vital, and Sustainable Garden
To have the most vibrant flowering roses and the juiciest and best-tasting tomatoes, peppers or cucurbits try MaxGrow. This product will help make your garden become beautiful, vital and sustainable.
5/31/2010All about 'Good Guy' Fungi - Explaining Mycorrhizae
Read about how Emerald Mist and VermActant work to encourage the growth and disease prevention qualities of a plant's root system through beneficial 'good-guy' fungi called mychorrhizae. This beneficial fungus is discussed further in this news article that explains how it works to help a plant's root system.
5/28/2010Healthy Soil Microbes and Your Plants
Adding organic matter to soil is a great way to get beneficial bacteria and good guy fungi into your soil. Read more in this news article on how MaxGrow and VermActant can encourage the growth and vigor of plants and improve the flavor of produce with beneficial bacteria and good guy fungi. They can also help protect against plant disease.
5/24/2010Demystifying Soil Structure
What exactly is soil structure and why is it important? Garden Vigor has the answer to that question and many more gardening questions.
5/19/2010The Basics of Soil Calcium and Sulfur
Calcium and sulfur deficiency in soil can negatively affect the growth, vigor, strength and flavor of many edible crops. Sulf-O-Cal can help alleviate the deficiency of these nutrients in the soil. Read more in the news article on the basics of soil calcium and sulfur.
5/13/2010Prevent Anthracnose with VermActant and Emerald Mist
Anthracnose is a widespread fungal disease that can affect many different plants and trees. To help fight against it, use an extraordinary fertilizer and fungicidal protection product like Emerald Mist and a soil stimulant product like VermActant to encourage "good-guy" fungi and a healthy soil ecosystem for your plants.
5/7/2010Sulf-O-Cal Turns Bland Veggies into Flavorful Ones
Sulf-O-Cal can turn up the flavor on your favorite vegetables and help eliminate blossom-end rot by relieving calcium and sulfur deficiencies in your garden. Read more about how Sulf-O-Cal can help your garden in this news article.
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