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8/27/2010The Troublesome Condition of Blossom End Rot
Familiar to those who have grown tomatoes, the troublesome plant condition blossom end rot can wreak havoc in a garden, destroying beautiful fruit and ruining a potential harvest. However, a regular application of our exceptional calcium and sulfur product, Sulf-O-Cal, can prevent a possible outbreak of blossom end rot in your garden.
8/23/2010Grow a Beautiful Garden Devoid of Root Rot
Improve your beautifully growing garden this year by preventing possible cases of root rot. With a regular application of our exceptional soil stimulant, VermActant, you can improve the soil structure, and water-holding capacity of a plant's soil.
8/20/2010An Introduction to Plant Disease
Read about the plant disease cycle and how to fight against many common plant diseases with our exceptional plant nutrition and fungicide product, Emerald Mist.
8/16/2010The To-Do Gardening List for August
As we move through August with its sweltering heat, now is the time for gardeners to think about fall/winter crops, pruning, and planting hardy late-season crops. To extend a bit of longevity and vigor to your plants, use our exceptional plant nutrition and fungicide product, Emerald Mist.
8/13/2010Identify and Treat Plants & Trees Suffering from Heat Stress
High heat and low moisture can cause a condition known as heat stress on plants and trees. See how to identify and treat this condition.
8/2/2010Root Rot - The Persistent Plant Disease
Root rot is a persistent plant disease capable of infecting a large area of your garden. Read about the detrimental effects of this fungal plant disease, and learn how to treat it adequately with a regular application of our exceptional fungicide Emerald Mist. Also, treat root rot where it thrives in waterlogged areas with our soil-structure improving product VermActant.
7/30/2010Plant Problems during Summer
Numerous problems can crop up in a garden in summer. The high heat, excessive rain, and wavering temperatures can cause undue stress on a plant and affect the ripening of fruits and vegetables. However, with a regular application of the essential plant sugars found in MaxGrow and the vital plant nutrients in Emerald Mist, you can encourage strength, vigor and growth in your plants quickly and easily.
7/22/2010Onsite demonstration of the Garden Vigor Complete Garden Care program
In order to show just how easy it is to use the Garden Vigor program, Diana took the show on the road to the Curves in New Haven to repot some house plants and give them a nutrition boost.
7/12/2010The Summer Fruit & Vegetable Harvest
With the coming of July, many of our favorite fruits and vegetables will be ready to pick; grapes, berries, melons, and peppers for example. Ensure the best tasting and healthiest fruit and vegetables this summer with the organically certified plant sugars of Max Grow and the exceptional plant nutrition and extraordinary disease prevention of Emerald Mist.
6/25/2010Treat Rose Bushes with Care This Summer by using Emerald Mist
Ensure visually stunning and vibrant flowering rose bushes this summer with our extraordinary fungicidal product Emerald Mist. With a regular application of Emerald Mist, you'll not only protect against common rose diseases like rose black spot, rose rust and powdery mildew, but you will also provide exceptional nutrition to the plant.
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