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2/10/2011Fight Fungus in Your Garden and on Your Houseplants
Many diseases and fungi can overwinter. Fight last year's problems this year with the Garden Vigor program.
1/9/2011There's always an exception...
This poinsettia plant came to live at our home at Christmas-time in 2008.
9/24/2010Don't Stunt Your Growing Season
A common soil problem, soil calcium deficiency will limit your harvest size and quality. Sulf-O-Cal, along with the complete Garden Vigor system, will help remedy soil and plant deficiencies.
9/23/2010Delay the effects of frost in your garden
With a little effort, you can prevent losing the last of your prodcue to a light frost and boost your plants' energy for one last kick to the end of fall.
9/20/2010No More Sour Grapes Due to Downy Mildew
Moist weather can mean trouble for your garden. Defend your plants against the threat of downy mildew.
9/14/2010Late Blight: Break the Cycle
With proper techniques and practices, you can end the cycle of tomato or potato late blight that is hanging over your garden.
9/7/2010Don't Let Blossom End Rot Deny Your Taste Buds
Dry sunken decay on the bottom of your tomatoes means only one thing: Blossom end rot has dealt your garden a deadly blow!
9/5/2010White Spots on Tomatoes could be Cotton Spot
During wet seasons in early tomato growth cycles, fungus can grow inside tomato fruits and produce a condition known as cotton spot.
9/1/2010Should You Worry About Black Spots on Tomatoes?
Examine your options after noticing black spots on your homegrown tomatoes. Products from Garden Vigor to the rescue!
8/30/2010Join the Food Revolution!
At Garden Vigor, we strive to enable individuals just like you to feed themselves with larger, better-tasting and more nutritious fruits and vegetables, and help flower growers to create bigger, more beautiful blooms than ever before with our line of natural garden products.
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