Treat Rose Bushes with Care This Summer by using Emerald Mist


Vibrant and visual - Roses treated with Emerald Mist get exceptional fungicidal protection and vital plant nutrients, all in an convenient foliar spray mistA wet and humid summer is upon us gardeners once again, and our rose bushes are starting to show their beautiful bounty of summer blooms. And with a particularly wet and humid summer, common rose diseases can invade our gardens.

Roses are susceptible to many diseases such as rose rust, which is caused by the fungi Phragmidium tuberculatum. This disease infects the leaves of the bush during the start of summer.

The result of this infection is orange fungi pustules that develop on the foliar portions of the rose bush. Toward the end of summer, these pustules will turn black. The outcome of rose rust can be detrimental, and the rose bush is prone to dying from the infection due to the weakening of the plants photosynthetic capability due to defoliation.

Rose black spot is also a common disease. Again, a certain family of fungi (Diplocarpon rosae) causes telltale black spots to form on the foliar portion of the rose bush. This disease is a bit trickier to pinpoint because of the number of fungi that can cause black spots on roses. Up to 25 different varieties of fungus can be involved. Rose black spot is a progressive disease like many other fungal infections of roses. If left untreated, the rose bush can die.

Another fungal infection of the rose is powdery mildew. Powdery mildew of roses is caused by the order of fungi called Erysiphales. Powdery mildew is much easier to diagnose on a rose bush because of the telltale white powdery spots that form on the foliar and stem portions of the plant.

To treat and prevent the spread of fungal diseases in the garden, a regular application of Emerald Mist can provide extraordinary fungicidal activity while supplying exceptional vital plant nutrients. With a preventative application of Emerald Mist, you can provide a remarkable defense against the spread of such diseases such as rose black spot, rose rust and powdery mildew. Emerald Mist is designed for easy, direct foliar application and is formulated to improve the health, look and vigor of your plant.

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