The To-Do Gardening List for August


As sweltering heat looms over the midwest in late July and early August, now is the time to think about a few late season gardening tasks. For gardening zone 5, which is northeastern Indiana, gardeners can start to sow seeds of fall vegetable crops such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and leeks.

Other August gardening tasks include planning perennial beds with appropriate fall and winter colors, and adding certain ornamental grasses and fall-blooming bulbs. If you are maintaining an active compost pile, you can accelerate the composting effort for fall soil buildup by adding a bit of compost starter. This can be done simply by adding a shovel or two of healthy organic matter, such as garden soil, into your existing compost.
Pruning tasks can be accomplished on summer-blooming shrubs like hydrangea, clethra, and spirea, after flowering has finished. And if you are a fan of garlic, now is the ideal time to plant this aromatic tuber for spring harvesting.

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