The Summer Fruit & Vegetable Harvest

emerald mist watermelon imageWith June come and gone and July well underway, now is the time to enjoy our bountiful summer fruit and vegetable harvest. Most grapes are in season during June and July. However, if you are a fan of the famous Concord grape, it is ready for harvest in September.

But then comes the berries. Oh the berries! Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are summertime berries that we all adore and use for various cooking and eating pleasures.

July is the month that starts to inspire us for the fall season. Melons like the cantaloupe, honeydew, orange flesh, and canary become ready for picking in June or July, and then run through fall. We also start to see our pepper plants come to fruition in June and July. Red, green, yellow and various chili peppers will start to ripen and become ready for picking.

Also with July come acorn squash and several varieties of zucchini. These will be bountiful throughout the fall and into October. There are also winter squash, which are rightly named for later growing season characteristics. These winter squash come in varieties such as butternut, gold acorn, hubbard and spaghetti. These are ready for harvest from September to November depending upon the growing conditions.

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