Sulf-O-Cal Turns Bland Veggies into Flavorful Ones


These fresh and wonderful looking tomatoes can be beautiful thanks to Sulf-O-Cal, a blossom-end rot protector.Soil can be finicky, so turn up the levels of essential nutrients such as calcium and sulfur with Sulf-O-Cal.  Tomatoes, peppers, and cucurbits can be affected by a deficiency of these elements. And when your plants lack essential nutrients like calcium and sulfur, your vegetables just won't be as great tasting as they could be.

There are several common signs of calcium and sulfur deficiencies in soil that include the browning of young leaves, leaf curling, and blossom-end rot.
On plants like peppers and tomatoes, blossom-end rot starts as a decayed brown area on the blossom-end of the fruit due to the lack of cell wall strength. A lack of calcium causes this condition.

For Brussels sprouts, celery, cabbages, and carrots the symptoms are similar. These are the internal browning of leaves or a decayed area that looks like a rotting spot.

You can relieve blossom-end rot with Sulf-O-Cal. It will improve the color, vigor, strength and flavor of your food and also help build up plant disease resistance. Your homegrown food will be off the charts in taste and nutrition with the right amount of calcium and sulfur in your soil!

Sulf-O-Cal can also improve the soil structure and drainage and allow better root growth by reducing the aluminum toxicity in extremely acidic soils. The product is made from a fine-ground calcium sulfate material that your plants can easily absorb, and it does not change the pH of your soil.

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