Spring plant and soil health starts in the fall


Perennials:  One of the easiest ways to insure good plant health in the spring for your perennials is to treat them in the fall before cutting them back. Foliar application of micronutrients a couple of days before cutting will allow sufficient time for the nutrients to be absorbed into plant tissues and sent to the roots for storage before removal of any foliage.


For plants that are not cut back, a foliar application of micronutrients and/or natural sugars in the fall will allow for strengthening of the tissues and stalks for better overwintering.

Annuals:   For gardens that are cleared and restarted in the spring, treat the soil with all of the above to maximize soil health for the best bedding start your plants have ever had.


In instances where compost or fertilizer is applied in the fall, an application of a product containing amino acids will stimulate the microbes that break down the organic materials, improve overall soil health and increase the micronutrients that will be bioavailable in the spring. 


For all soils, whether they have perennials or annuals, an application of gypsum is also beneficial. Gypsum provides calcium, the building block of all cells, and sulfur for premium color and/or flavor.


Whether you are growing house plants, flowers, veggies or trees, treating one last time before winter will help your soil and plants be better prepared to take off next spring.


Any one or all of these applications will provide excellent opportunities to give your plants and soil a boost for the next growing season. At Garden Vigor, we provide products that enable our growers to utilize the best of the newest science and biotechnologies on the market. We offer products that are reclamations or are produced under strict standards for the best in treatments that are primarily natural in nature. All products are designed to break down to their most elemental forms and be utilized by the plants for maximum health, beauty and nutrition.


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Micronutrient treatment:  Emerald  Mist

Natural fertilizer:  VermActant
Natural sugars:  MaxGrow
Amino acids:  MaxGrow
Gypsum:  Sulf-O-Cal
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