Spring Gardening Tips - VermActant Encourages a Healthy Soil Ecosystem

As the uplifting moments of spring start to touch our senses with hints of warm daylight, cool breezes, budding trees, forthcoming flowers, and scents of grass and rain mixed in the air, the time is perfect to begin to select our favorite plants, seeds and soils and get into the art of gardening once again.
No matter which flowers or vegetables we may particularly enjoy growing, the overall soil quality and root health will be the deciding factor in how our little plants turn out, from germination to full size. With that being said, one such problem a gardener could potentially face during the growing season is root rot.
Essentially, root rot comes from unhealthy soil conditions, whether it is outdoor or indoor plants. Unhealthy soil conditions can point to things like too heavy or dense soils such as those with large amounts of clay or soils that do not contain nearly enough nutrient-rich materials to sustain healthy plants. We gardeners have all faced the dreaded problem of a plant that will simply refuse to grow, one that continually looks rather unhealthy.
One product that can help immensely in the category of soil health and plant growth is VermActant, a product that encourages a healthy soil ecosystem. This product has many different components to help the soil become a rich source of nourishment for the plant as well as boosting a plant's root system protection. VermActant improves the soil structure and available water capacity to the plant. The product also works to increase the biological activity in the soil; increases the availability of nutrients in the soil; reduces the amount of nitrate leaching in the soil, and enables a nutrient rich spray such as our Emerald Mist to be used most effectively to aid in the growth and overall health of the plant.
Overall, VermActant works by encouraging microbiological elements in the soil, such as helpful fungi and microbes to protect the plant from a disease like root rot. The intention is for VermActant to stabilize and support the plants immune system. Whenever the plant encounters a potential disease, the high amount of built up healthy elements in the soil will provide a great defense to it, making it very difficult for the invading pathogens to build up and affect the root system of the plant.