Should You Worry About Black Spots on Tomatoes?

While looking over your garden, you notice that there are black spots on a few of your tomatoes. Black spots on tomatoes could mean that your plants are infected with anthracnose, a nasty disease that can rob you of your entire tomato crop as they ripen!

anthracnose on tomatoe fruitBlack spots on tomatoes only occur during the ripening of fruit, and are frequently the result of an infection which is splashed from the soil onto lower leaves during rain or watering. The infection then travels through the plant to the developing fruit.

To prevent anthracnose infections, follow some basic guidelines: Plant your tomatoes in well drained soil to avoid excess moisture as fruit grows. Water plants with a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler or watering can. Rotate crops to minimize re-infection from previous seasons. You can also harvest your tomatoes before they fully ripen and allow them to finish ripening on a sunny windowsill.

If this last option does not appeal to you, then be proactive and use Garden Vigor's VermActant in combination with Emerald Mist to enjoy your fully ripened fruit as it should be. VermActant is applied directly to the soil. It improves soil structure and provides 'good-guy' fungi to protect plants roots.  Emerald Mist is foliar applied and provides the nutrition that plants need to grow strong and healthy and fight off those black spots on your tomatoes. And after all, isn't it best to fight plant infections by preventing them from starting in the first place?

Garden Vigor products will give you a healthy and prosperous garden year after year. Contact us with questions or concerns.