Root Rot - The Persistent Plant Disease

Root rot can be detrimental to a garden. This fussy fungal infection can spread to nearly any plant and wreak havoc throughout a garden with an invasion of fungi that infect the root systems of many plants. It thrives in waterlogged conditions where the fungi can multiply and grow to enormous numbers.

The fungi of root rot can maintain a firm existence anywhere there is sustainable life. It thrives in soil that does not have adequate drainage. It can grow in organic matter like plant debris and leaves leftover from the fall season. It becomes a persistent accompaniment to a garden with an overabundance of water and appropriate growth mediums such as compost or plant debris.

The development of root rot on a plant can manifest itself in several visual signs. The foliage of an infected plant will start to dull and lose vivacity. The leaves may also turn yellow and wilt. Additionally, it can take years for a tree or shrub to decline from the distress of root rot due to their relative size and the strength of their root system. To identify root rot in woody-stemmed plants, examine the area under the bark near where the plant meets the ground. The most common sign of a root rot infection in a tree or shrub is brown or red streaks on the wood under the bark.

For plants that have soft stems, the infection of root rot can become especially hostile. The infection can creep up the stem portions of these soft-stemmed plants and move into the rest of the plant. This eventually guarantees the death of the infected plants.  

Ultimately, a group of plants can become infected quite easily due to the persistent nature of the root rot fungi, many of which can over-winter successfully. However, there is help out there in the form of our line of natural gardening products. The first step to treatment and prevention of root rot is to apply our extraordinary plant nutrient and fungicide product, Emerald Mist. With a regular application of Emerald Mist, your garden will get a boost of vital plant nutrients. It will also receive a dose of exceptional natural fungicidal protection.

Add to this our "good-guy" fungi product VermActant, a solution that will work in the areas where root rot needs to be combated: soil structure and water capacity. By improving these key areas, VermActant can help lessen the degree of root rot fungi in soil and also encourage "good-guy" fungi to propagate on plant roots. Good-guy fungi can help form a healthy defense system against invading plant diseases such as root rot.

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