Root Rot - A Common Problem with Wet Conditions


Root Rot is a common plant disease found on many indoor and outdoor plants, one such example is the Tomato. Try VermActant to inhibit root rot.Root rot is a common problem for indoor and outdoor plants. Caused from an overabundance of water and a lack of oxygen to the roots, disease sets into the root system. Certain soil pathogens (such as Pythium) and other unhealthy bacteria will initiate a condition of root rot.

Root rot will eventually affect the foliage and flowers of the plant. Generally, the leaves will start to wilt, discolor, and turn lighter shades of green and yellow. Flowers can go from vibrant and strong to dull and weak. Over time as decay spreads throughout the root system, root rot can cause the plant to weaken significantly or even die.
For outdoor plants that are close together, root rot can become a larger issue, as the decay from root rot can spread through the soil to your surrounding plants. Most plants thrive in well-drained soil, and an excess of water can cause a buildup of invading root pathogens.

Plants like barley, begonias, chilies, chives and violets are a few summer plants that enjoy well-drained soils. These are especially susceptible to root rot. To protect against it, an effective watering strategy combined with a product like VermActant can provide a solid defense system against root and plant disease.

But not all microbes are unhealthy for plants. There are plenty of what we call "good guy" fungi and microbes present in VermActant. These help to improve the structure and water-holding capacity of the soil. This helps greatly to defend against possible root-related diseases such as root rot. VermActant increases the biological activity in the soil and promotes a healthy soil ecosystem, which encourages plant growth, fruit production, and flowering.

That is why prevention is the best way to ensure healthy plants this summer. Should a wet season come or an excess of water be present, your plants need the best protection against disease. Use some additional gardening solutions such as increasing the drainage of the soil by adding organic compost or peat moss to provide for extra drainage. Apply VermActant for additional root system defense against soil-borne pathogens. This can reinforce a healthy soil structure for your plants. 

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