Pumping Up a Late-Planted Garden

Rainy and wet summers can cause some planting delays, but products like Emerald Mist, Sulf-O-Cal and MaxGrow can help speed up the growing process for late plantings.Are your gardening intentions being put on hold or severely delayed this year due to constant rains? Were you looking forward to fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden but have given up any hope of productivity at all? Well don't give up entirely.
There is help to speeding up a lagging crop or ways to help a late-planted crop be established or speed up its growth.
Speed-Up Growth with Emerald Mist and MaxGrow


Programs that utilize foliar fed plant food, which contain higher levels of orthophosphate in the form most readily available to plants, will help a plant speed up its life cycle.

Phosphate provides the chemical base for energy transfer in the plant. And with the addition of readily available orthophosphate in our exceptional plant and soil nutrition product Emerald Mist, you as a gardener are only trying to help the plant be more efficient in making energy. The plant converts sunlight into energy and stores that energy in the form of sugars away in its roots and in its fruits. That's why we like to consume those wondrous flavorful storage units, like beans, tomatoes, sweet corn and zucchini - just to name a few.
A regular application of Emerald Mist, which contains this form of readily available phosphate, can speed up corn growth by as much as 10 days, when compared with just straight dry fertilizer programs - that's significant!

How does it work? Well if you are planting plants, you simply want to use plant food like Emerald Mist that contains the readily available form of orthophosphate, into the planting hole with the plant, making sure to include water to help the plant become established, and start to develop roots. What else can you do to encourage growth? You can use a biostimulant product like MaxGrow, which promotes root growth and stimulates beneficial microbial activity to help speed up the growing process.

Applications & Tips

A diluted solution of the plant food from Emerald Mist can also be sprayed on the leaves of the plant. This application will help plants absorb phosphate through its leaves and help it get stronger and more vigorous above the ground. A gentle regimen that includes spraying every 3 to 4 days with a light mist will "pump up" the plants energy levels and build-up roots extremely fast. It will also strengthen the plants defenses against many diseases and stress issues.

If you have insect problems, you can always throw in a little insecticide if you utilize it in your programs. Otherwise, small doses of table sugar will help ward-off some insect attacks. Although, sugar should not be relied on entirely to take bugs out of competition with a plant.

Additional Help with Sulf-O-Cal

Providing extra calcium with the addition of our fine-ground calcium sulfate material in Sulf-O-Cal, will also help the plant grow roots faster, and increase its levels of stored sugars in the cells, plus it can help fight off stress factors that could inhibit the plants growth.

As always, a multifaceted approach to helping plants grow quicker, stronger and more vigorous, is far superior to simply throwing out a handful of fertilizer on your plants, and leaving things up to chance. It may be a little more work, but you will be rewarded more handsomely with quantity and quality for your efforts - especially if you thought it was too late to grow anything this season.

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