Prevent Blight and Black Spots on Leaves with Emerald Mist and VermActant


Blight on Tomato fruit, rotten tomatoesFungal plant diseases are common throughout a garden. When the weather is especially wet, as it is this summer, fungi can grow and thrive. If you have ever had black spots that develop on your plant's leaves, you have most likely encountered the common garden problem called leaf spot.

Fungal diseases are hardy, so even before you begin planting in your garden the fungal spores can exist in the soil. They overwinter effectively in many different organic mediums, including dying plant matter, mulch, some compost and the soil itself. Always clear away fallen leaves in the autumn to reduce growing mediums for this disease.

The primary visual clue that your plants have developed leaf spot is black spots or blotches on the plant's leaves. As with any other fungal disease, leaf spot is progressive. As it develops on the plant, it extends to the stems and even the flowers. Leaf spot, like many other fungal plant diseases, develops earlier in the growing season because of its ability to overwinter and live in organic mediums rather than be transported into garden or flowerbed areas later in the season.

Another fungal disease that can invade your garden is called blight or gray mold. Gray mold can become especially damaging during wet and humid conditions. This gray mold disease causes a gray or brown powdery mold that covers the flowering buds, leaves and stems of the plant. It tends to affect perennials, and is most commonly found on peonies. As with leaf spot, it can overwinter effectively and live in many different organic mediums.

To treat and prevent leaf spot or blight, a preventive application of VermActant and Emerald Mist can help defend against many fungal diseases and provide exceptional plant nutrients. VermActant is a soil stimulant that encourages "good-guy" fungi to protect the plant's roots. It can improve the water-holding capacity and structure of the soil, increase the biological activity in the soil, and improve fertilizer efficiency. Combined with the extraordinary fungicidal capability and exceptional nutrient providing product Emerald Mist, you can ensure that your plants will have a remarkable defense against fungal diseases like leaf spot and blight.

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