Please Your Pea Plants This Spring with Sulf-O-Cal

One cool season crop we gardeners love to grow because of their richness in vitamins C, B1 and B6 is the pea.  From early March and into June, we can sow our peas. After all, peas enjoy cooler soil temperatures and climates They thrive in conditions from 55 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peas prefer a well-prepared soil, with a balance of organic materials. Sulf-O-Cal encourages early root growth by providing much-needed sulfur and calcium in the soil and also freeing up nitrogen already present.

Pea crops like moisture, so ensure that you water the plants throughout their lives on a regular schedule. Sunny areas are best, but partial shade will work, too. As they grow larger, they will need a support structure. Some use twigs to prop the pea tendrils, while others use a fence of wire netting. Both of these will work in supporting the bushy vines of the pea plant.

The pea plant extracts most of its needed nitrogen from the air, but it also enjoys a soil rich in calcium and sulfur. The development of the pea fruit, the one you will be cooking up for your favorite stir-fry or vegetable dish, will greatly benefit from Sulf-O-Cal. With a balance of these elements in the soil, the plant will produce a flavorful, great lookingand nutritious fruit.

With moist soil conditions in the spring, the pea plant can succumb to root rot. A Garden Vigor product like VermActant can help protect against this condition. By encouraging healthy microbes in the soil, VermActant will support a healthy soil ecosystem and protect against soil pathogens from invading the root system of your plants.

Contact Garden Vigor for more information on Sulf-O-Cal or any of our other products that encourage healthy soil microbes, root growth and flavorful, more nutritious fruits.