Plant Problems during Summer

summer gardening problemsThe sweltering summer heat, glaring midday sun, and unpredictable rains demonstrate the regular environmental conditions for the summer months in many parts of the country. This is a time when plant stress is especially conditioned by the weather, and also when the bounty of the summer fruit and vegetable harvest commences.

Summer gardening problems are numerous in scope and variety. Plants can become easily stressed by water conditions. Excessive or irregular watering causes plant disease to proliferate in a garden allowing fungal plant diseases like root rot or blossom-end rot to take hold. In addition, the relatively high temperatures of July and August can affect the color of fruits and vegetables and their production capability.

Blossom drop can happen if temperatures go to extremes. Blossom drop happens when the budding flowers of a tomato plant essentially fall off. The perfect conditions for this to occur are a very warm day with a cool night (typically below 55 degrees Fahrenheit) and combined with a sustained heat wave.

Following the recurrence of warm weather (above 90 degrees Fahrenheit), too much water or rain followed by a dry spell can cause fruit cracks. During this period plants will grow too rapidly, and ripening or fully ripe fruit can be affected by showing the common signs of fruit cracking.

Further fruit or vegetable ripening problems include sunscald and graywall. Sunscald is caused by poor leaf coverage and can cause large flat grayish white spots to form on tomato fruits. Graywall can cause yellow blotches and browning on ripening fruit or vegetables. Anthracnose can also be prevalent on ripening fruit or vegetables, a condition that causes small sunken black spots to form on the exterior walls.

The best way to combat plant health issues during times of heat or water stress during the summer months is to start with a healthy plant in the beginning of the season. Research shows that plants that have sufficient healthy root structures and have received vital nutrition to create strong cell walls within the plant will last longer and weather these times of stress more gracefully.

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