Onsite demonstration of the Garden Vigor Complete Garden Care program

It's really very simple. Here - let me show you!Sulf-O-Cal first This particular adventure was repotting plants from a gift planter.
The first step is to separate the plants. In this case, there was one very large plant that had to be cut into four sections and a second plant that was cut into two parts. The plant in the picture is the last one to be repotted. As you can see, it is rather yellow and was also root-bound in the prior planter.
Put a bit of soil in your pot to cover the bottom. The amount you need depends on the root mass and the overall height of the plant. I put about 1 inch in the bottom of this planter.
The first Garden Vigor product used is Sulf-O-Cal. This is for good seating of the roots. When you repot or plant a seedling outdoors, you have to combat transplant shock. Sulf-O-Cal has calcium to help the roots reach out for nutrition and spread out in the area available. If you've planted anything outdoors, had it die and pulled it up or dug it out to find that the root ball was intact, it was because there was nothing in the soil to draw the roots away from their 'home' position.
 Soil mixture nextThe next step is to spray a bit of the soil mixture onto the Sulf-O-Cal before setting the plant.
The soil mixture is a combination of VermActant and MaxGrow. These two combined will provide sugars for additional solid root growth, fertility in the form of worm castings, and good-guy fungus to help combat unwanted fungal activity.
Go ahead and set the plant and add soil up to the desired height. Add a misting of soil mixture to the top and water in. Add a bit more soil if necessary and tamp down lightly.
Foliar spray to finish things offThe final step is to give your plant a fine mist of foliar spray.
The foliar mix is a combination of Emerald Mist for fungicidal protection and micronutrients, and MaxGrow for sugar to give the plant energy to grow with while it's adjusting to its new home.
And voila! You're done! And it only takes about 10 minutes: 5 to mix your sprays, and 5 to pot your plant. It really couldn't be simpler.
If you would like to have a demonstration at your club or organization's meeting, please contact Garden Vigor.
Happy gardening!