No More Sour Grapes Due to Downy Mildew

If you're a grape grower, you know that moist weather can mean trouble for your plants.  Downy mildew could creep into your vineyard and reduce its ability to produce grapes or worse! Downy mildew can infect both leaves and berries and ruin your dreams of a beautiful crop.  

Leaves showing signs of a downy mildew infection begin to show yellow spots that eventually turn brown and may eventually drop off. White spores will also appear on the reverse side of the leaves. Berries infected with downy mildew typically turn reddish-purple and fall from the plant. This widespread disease could seriously damage your vines and cause them to lose their ability to survive through the winter.  

What can you do to prevent this dangerous condition from entering your future? Emerald Mist to the rescue!  Garden Vigor's Emerald Mist encourages plant health and enhanced growth through its micronutrient content, using a unique blend of natural and synthetic fertilizer chemistry to control the starts of downy mildew in an environmentally friendly way.

Emerald Mist can also be mixed with the natural sugars of Garden Vigor's organically certified MaxGrow for added foliar benefits.  Repeating foliar application every 7 to 10 days ensures that your grape won't feel the wrath of downy mildew.

Contact Garden Vigor and let our knowledge gleaned from 20 years of field experience work for you.