MaxGrow - Essential Sugars and Energy for Plants

Garden Vigor - MaxGrow makes your lettuce strong, vigorous and tasty!Throughout a plants' growing period, it will need energy to develop fruits or vegetables. That is why your plants need the special sugars included in MaxGrow to grow more efficiently. This organically certified product is a plant and soil nutrition product capable of encouraging healthy root development.
MaxGrow can also strengthen the cell walls of plants making your fruit firmer. MaxGrow encourages a plants' ability to utilize water and other vital energy-producing nutrients more efficiently. Also, the beneficial bacteria included in MaxGrow will stimulate the soil and establish a strong support system for plant roots early in the growing season.
MaxGrow can also be mixed with our concentrated plant and soil nutrition product Emerald Mist. The result? Not only will you get the special sugars and 'good-guy' bacteria from MaxGrow, but with the addition of Emerald Mist you'll get a mixture that is capable of providing extraordinary fungicidal protection against plant disease. It will also enhance growth rates and encourage vibrant plant color.
MaxGrow produces impressive gardening results. Your garden will be beautiful, vital and sustainable. The product is designed for easy and direct foliar application. Check out our Results area to see how our natural gardening products can help grow a visually stunning garden filled with vibrant flowers, healthy vegetables, and vigorous plants.
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