MaxGrow: A Beautiful, Vital, and Sustainable Garden

A Beautiful, Vital and Sustainable Garden Setting - MaxGrow can create an atmosphere like this.To have a beautiful, vital and sustainable garden this year try MaxGrow. This product provides much needed energy to plants by providing special sugars that feed your garden's soil. And with a regular application of MaxGrow, your plants will be provided exceptional foliar and soil nutrition.
The special sugars included in our organically certified MaxGrow will help your plants grow more efficiently. The "good-guy" bacteria that are included in the product will encourage a plant?s healthy root development.

You'll see the results for yourself with a garden that is strikingly beautiful, and vital.
Benefits of MaxGrow
  • Direct foliar application makes using the product a breeze
  • Can be used with our exceptional foliar and soil nutrition gardening product Emerald Mist, to make it doubly as effective
  • Cell walls of fruit will be strengthened making your fruit firm and juicy, and helping maintain essential and vital nutrients in the plant
  • Beneficial and specialized bacteria stimulates soil and establishes a healthy system on the plant roots earlier in the growing season
MaxGrow is great for of all kinds of applications, including tomato, rose, hosta, pepper and cucurbit growers. And it takes just a mist of the product to supplement a plants nutritional requirement for a whole week. A regular application of MaxGrow will ensure that your plants will grow and develop more efficiently-you'll end up with visually stunning flowers, and succulent vegetables.
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