Late Blight: Break the Cycle

With the arrival of cooler temperatures, you inspect your tomatoes daily looking for the tale-tale signs of late blight.  As moist conditions mingle with moderate temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees, the likelihood of late blight striking increases.  Once you see the lesions that start as green, wet-soaked spots that turn to purplish-black as the disease progresses, it's often too late to save the tomato plant.  During very moist conditions, the lesions are accompanied by white mold.

You need a plan to fight late blight on tomatoes before it happens. Prune and space your tomato plants to maintain good air circulation between plants. Avoid wetting foliage during afternoon and evening watering.  Destroy volunteers to eliminate potential re-infestation from previous crops. And most importantly, protect your tomato plants from late blight with products from Garden Vigor.  

Regular use of Garden Vigor's micronutrient-rich Emerald Mist can strengthen your plants' resistance to late blight.  You can also improve the overall health of a plant by increasing the level of plant sugars (brix) with Garden Vigor's organically certified MaxGrow to keep growth lively and reduce plant stress. Healthy plants are the best defense against plant disease.

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