Lack of Acid Rain Results in Sulfur Deficiency in Soils

The push by environmentalists to clean up the air has had an interesting side effect: a sulfur deficiency in the soil in the agricultural community. Farmers who used to benefit from the acid rain that fell in the Midwestern states now have to add this element to their spring planting regimen. Sulfur provides higher yields and better color and flavor to crops, so a sulfur deficiency is an obvious drawback to row crop and commercial produce growers.
To find out if you have a sulfur deficiency in your soil, perform a soil test.
Farmers and gardeners can combat the problem of sulfur deficiency in their soils by adding Sulf-O-Cal, a Garden Vigor product designed to provide not only much-needed sulfur but also calcium, an element that assists in early root growth and expansion and gives plants a much greater chance of surviving and thriving.