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Looking for a little help in your garden? Do you prefer products that are natural and safe to use? We've got just the thing you need, no matter what you're growing.


Garden Vigor products aren't your typical N-P-K blend. They are scientifically designed to provide the necessary nutrients in just the right amounts to maximize growth, flavor, color and nutrition.

Our line of products feature...

Tomato on the Garden Vigor program     natural chemical structures that fully break down to become easily assimilated by plants.

     micronutrients for better nutritional value and healthier plants.

     mycorrhizae (good-guy fungus) for healthy root systems.

     natural fertilizer from verma-compost.

     natural sugars to provide energy.

     calcium for stronger plants and juicier fruits and vegetables.

     sulfur for premium color and flavor.

     higher yields through a program of better garden care.

     no chemical runoff or leave-behind.

At Garden Vigor, we understand how plants and soil work together to feed each other. Our products enable you to take advantage of their natural system of interaction through both soil and foliar feeding.
Garden Vigor offers a line of natural plant supplements and soil amendments that will fulfill all of the needs in your vegetable, flower or container garden. And naturally healthy plants are less susceptible to diease. Maximize your garden's growth potential, and create naturally vigorous plants in your garden today!

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