Healthy Soil Microbes and Your Plants


Beneficial soil microbes can help promote a healthy plant.When we think about the best kind of soil conditions for growing our plants, we usually lean towards adding organic matter into our soil to improve the growth and vigor of our plants. And what organic matter or compost can add to the soil is a healthy amount of soil microbes.

Soil microbes consist of a collection of healthy organisms that improve the soil structure. Beneficial bacteria, soil fungi and other microbes are all part of this group. All of these microbes are known as growth helpers because of their ability to encourage root growth and vigor in the development of a plant.

Beneficial soil bacteria can help a plant in many ways. The primary advantage of soil bacteria is to provide a nitrogen source to the roots of the plant. Healthy soil bacteria pull nitrogen from the air and convert that into an available liquid form for plants to use. This improves the nitrogen fixing in the soil.

Beneficial bacteria can also break down elements in the soil and improve soil structure. They can decompose organic matter and even break down unhealthy chemicals present in the soil. Soils that are compacted can also benefit from beneficial bacteria because they act as microscopic soil aerators.

Beneficial bacteria present in the soil can reduce the reliance on chemical based fungicides or other plant disease preventing chemicals because of their ability to suppress the pathogens in soil.

Beneficial soil fungi can also help plants in other ways. The most important part of beneficial soil fungi is called Mycorrhizae, which is a good guy root fungus. In general, this type of fungus will promote the growth of the plant and the root system. It will also act as a suppressor against various soil-borne diseases like root rot or a larger fungal disease such as anthracnose.

Soil and plants that have a regular application of healthy bacteria and good guy fungi will produce plants that are full of vigor, strength and vibrant flowers. The flavor of edible crops can be improved as well. With our natural gardening products, you can add exceptional amounts of healthy microbes to your soil and plants.

MaxGrow is our organically certified product that helps plants grow more efficiently with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. And VermActant is a soil stimulant with good guy fungi that helps keep a plants immune system active and healthy, plus it increases the biological activity in the soil.

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