Grow a Beautiful Garden Devoid of Root Rot

Root rot is perhaps one of the most common plant diseases. A plant's root system will start to decay when flooded by an excess of water, and it is at this point that root rot will take hold. Once the roots are weakened, a number of other diseases can also inoculate the struggling plant and double the problem of the plant having to fight both root rot and another disease at the same time.

Excess water, the primary cause of root rot, suffocates the plant by preventing the air and water uptake process and inhibiting the plant. The most common infection of root rot is a water mold named Phytophthora, and the most aggressive form of this is called P. cinnamomi. Fungi spores, of the detrimental kind, can also take hold and cause a myriad of other problems.
Controlling root rot is a simple matter. The primary mode of infection is by excess water. Providing good soil structure and effective soil drainage will greatly diminish the chances of root rot from the ground up. To ensure a total defensive approach to the care and maintenance of a possible propagation of root rot, use our exceptional soil stimulant, VermActant.

This product improves the soil structure and water-holding capacity of a plant's soil ecosystem. It also increases biological activity in the soil, enhances root initiation, and increases the availability of soil nutrients. This product can be mixed with our special plant sugar product, MaxGrow, for maximum benefit to your garden.

To treat existing conditions of Phytophthora, use Garden Vigor's natural fungicidal product, Emerald Mist.

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