Garden Vigor Takes Root in Innovation Park

February 24, 2010
Garden Vigor takes root in Innovation Park
Fort Wayne - Just in time for spring planting, area gardeners have a new source for soil enrichment advice and products in the form of Garden Vigor, an agri-science company launching in the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center.
Karl LaPan, President & CEO of the Innovation Center announced the new company, "Garden Vigor is an innovative new company that brings advances in agri-science and soil/plant enrichment direct to the home gardener. They're a great example of how a home-grown business (pun intended!) can make science and technology accessible and productive for the average citizen, and we're very pleased to welcome them to the Innovation Park family."
Dan Coffin, President of Garden Vigor and a Certified Professional Agronomist with advanced agronomy degrees from Purdue, explained the company?s purpose: "Commercial growers have new techniques of soil/plant enrichment that improve everything from the beauty of flowers to the yield and nutrition of vegetables and the lushness of landscape plants and grasses, but they're not easily accessible to the typical home gardener, largely because they don't scale down too well. It's like taking a recipe for a seven-layer wedding cake and trying to reduce it down to single-cupcake size. What we're doing is providing a cookbook of home gardener and landscaper recipes, along with access to commercial enrichment products in consumer-sized portions."
More information about Garden Vigor can be found on their Web site.