Feed Your Lawn for Long-Term Health

Does your lawn look pale and patchy? After you feed it, does it look thick and dark for a while but then die?
Consider this: Most lawn fertilizers are heavy on nitrogen in its nitrate form, but what your lawn really wants is a form of nitrite. Putting nitrate on your lawn causes the plants to be overloaded with nitrogen in the short-term. In response to this feeding, they will take the nitrogen and do the one thing they are naturally programmed to do: get rid of the excess nitrogen by making leaves.
This takes a great amount of energy - typically more than a plant has to offer at any given moment in time. And as a result of this strenuous activity, the plants will burn off their roots trying to clear their root zone of the excess nitrogen. At the first sign of ecological stress, your lawn will either go dormant or flat-out die.
Ammonium sulfate offers your plants the nitrogen you want to give them and the sulfur they want to keep their roots healthy. The sulfur also offers an extra boost of color. The nitrate will not wash away before it is used up, but is held in the roots until it is needed. And a little material goes a long way, so it is affordable.
Improve your lawn health today. Try a bag of Dark & Lush on your lawn, and see the results for yourself. (Soon to be available in larger sized bags.) Use in conjunction with MaxGrow for for optimum plant energy and root health.
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