Emerald Mist Keeps Leeks Healthy This Growing Season

The leek plant is a cherished garden crop, and the leek itself has many culinary uses. Its distinct onion taste, while not being overpowering, lends itself to a wide variety of uses in the kitchen. Its most popular use is in place of the onion in many types of soup.

Within 2 to 3 months of starting leeks from seed, they will be ready to plant outside. The leek plant benefits greatly from cool temperatures and soils rich in organic matter. They also require lots of water, so keep up on a watering scheduling. Leeks enjoy soil that is well drained with a moderate pH, and are perfect to plant with other crops such as carrots. After the leek stalk has reached an inch or more in diameter, it can be picked from the garden.
Since the leek loves nutrients, our micronutrient-rich Emerald Mist spray will keep it healthy throughout its growing life, ensuring that your leeks come out delicious and nutritious. Emerald Mist is designed for easy, direct foliar application. The spray will also provide fungicidal protection against foliar or soil-borne fungi.
Overall, our Emerald Mist spray will ensure that your leeks get the best soil nutrition and fungicidal protection throughout the growing season, giving you the best-tasting and most nutritious leeks you have ever grown.
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