Don't Stunt Your Growing Season

Working in your garden you notice the signature signs of soil calcium deficiency:  your celery is showing signs of stunted growth; and the younger leaves on your tomato and pepper plants have brownish edges and are starting to curl. You are thankful you caught this soil calcium deficiency in its infancy, and there is no indication of blossom end rot on your tomato and pepper plants. Not wanting to make your soil more acidic, you look for a product containing calcium sulfate (aka, gypsum) to revitalize your ailing soil.

Garden Vigor has just the product: Sulf-O-Cal. Made from recycled wallboard, Sulf-O-Cal will break down in your soil to provide calcium for strong cell growth and hardier plants, and sulfur for premium color and flavor.
Control a soil calcium deficiency before it stunts your garden's harvest or worse with earth-friendly products from Garden Vigor, a company built on the knowledge from 20 years of large-scale farming and commercial growing solutions. We now proudly bring our vast knowledge to the avid home gardener. If it's Garden Vigor, you know it's a product that gets results.

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