Don't Let Blossom End Rot Deny Your Taste Buds

Craving a fresh tomato, you march out to your garden to inspect the fruit.  To your horror some of your tomatoes have been struck down before you could enjoy them!  Dry sunken decay on the bottom of your tomatoes means only one thing:  Blossom end rot has dealt your garden a deadly blow!

While blossom end rot is weakening your delectable fruit and vegetables to secondary infection, the source of the problem needs to be neutralized before your entire crop lies in ruin.  Being the knowledgeable gardener, you know how to combat blossom end rot: with an infusion of calcium rich fertilizer.  But where do you look for a product you can trust to work?

At Garden Vigor, we have just the product to defeat blossom end rot.  Sulf-O-Cal will return your garden to a bountiful treasure of fruits and vegetables again.  With its blend of sulfur and calcium ingredients, the soil will be able to give your plants exactly what they need.  Made from recycled gypsum board, Sulf-O-Cal is environmentally friendly as well.

Garden Vigor is committed to be your trusted source for all your gardening needs.  We want your garden to be the healthiest and most productive it can be.  With 20 years of know-how, let our knowledge excite your taste buds and our products improve your garden.  "We know plants.  We know soil."

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