Cut Costs at the Grocery Store


There are several ways to help cut your grocery bill, but there are only a few things that you have direct control over. You can use coupons, grow your own fruits and vegetables and squeeze out their respective juices, bake your own breads and confections, buy bulk meat from a local butcher, and find a local chicken farmer that sells eggs.

By growing as many of your favorite fruits or veggies as possible, you can cut some costs from your shopping trip. With a good plant-feeding program, you might have a sufficient amount to freeze or can items for the winter and cut your bills year-round. But with the right program, you can do both and potentially have enough leftovers to sell to local markets.
A side benefit of growing your own produce is that it can have better nutritional value than what you buy at the market, as well. I recently attended a presentation where a gentleman tested the sugar levels of fruits and vegetables from our local supermarket with a refractometer.  Nearly every piece he tested came up in the poor range. It should be noted that there tends to be a direct relationship between nutrient and sugar levels; that is to say, when there is more sugar there also tends to be more nutrition in produce and grains. Also, the more sugar you have in a plant, the less likely insects are to like them. Most insects can't digest sugar, so they will avoid plants that have high sugar levels. Rabbits are another story, however!
It doesn't matter where you are planting your produce: you may have a large yard to convert to a garden, or you may simply have some plants in pots on a balcony. No matter where you are and how much space you have, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Your plants will grow larger by simply misting lightly with a mixture of sugar water: recommended mix is 1 tablespoon sugar to 1 gallon of water. But if you want more nutrition, you'll probably need some type of plant food.

With fuel prices continuing to rise, the likelihood of food prices going down seems slim. Why not try growing your own? You just might enjoy it!

And should you be interested in some plant supplement products, allow me to suggest the Garden Vigor line. These are primarily natural and break down 100% for no run-off or build-up in the soil.

  • MaxGrow: an organically certified, recycled by-product of dairy manufacturing; complex sugars for root growth and building brix (plant sugars); beneficial bacteria for crowding out bad-guy fungus.
  • Emerald Mist: micronutrients for nutrition and plant health; branching hormones for more fruit production (also produces more flowers).
  • VermActant: natural fertilizer and beneficial bacteria; mychhorizae fungus for healthy root systems and fighting unwanted fungal infections.
  • Sulf-O-Cal: calcium for strong cell walls, and sulfur for more vibrant colors and better flavor. (Also good for flower color and aroma.)
  • Cell-U-Lime: recycled lime product; soil amendment for reducing acidity.
Garden Vigor promotes great plant health in tomatoes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, grapes, appples, oranges, almonds, peanuts and watermelons. It is also great for flowers and houseplants.

If you have plant health questions or would like additional information on our product line, please  Contact Us.