Black or Orange Spots on Leaves may be Leaf Rust


Leaf rust is a problem anywhere there are frequently humid conditions and low temperatures. While any plant can contract this fungus, the problem is most frequently found on rose bushes, wheat and many types of trees. Leaf rust is more likely to be found in the western United States and Great Britain, but can happen anywhere the fungal spores are found along with favorable weather conditions.


Causes other than fungus can create rusty spots on leaves. Spray damage and dry weather can also cause rusty or brown spots on leaves. Typical identifying conditions of leaf rust fungi are orange pustules or black pustules on the underside of leaves and/or black spots on the upper side of the leaves. This condition should not be confused with bacterial leaf spot which is characterized by brown spots of an irregular shape surrounded by a yellow border.
Leaf Rust on Black Raspberry


Infected leaves from your garden, hedges or trees should be destroyed. They can be placed in compost only if the temperature is raised and sustained in order to kill the fungal spores.


The best way to fight leaf rust or any other disease in your plants is to keep up the brix and nutrient levels. The Garden Vigor Complete Garden Care Kit contains everything needed to maximize the health and disease-fighting ability of your plants. It also provides the elements needed to promote deeper color in flowers, fruits and veggies and better taste from your produce.


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