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5/29/2014Garden Vigor May Newsletter, 2014
The latest news and R&D from the Garden Vigor Company
4/11/2014Feed Your Lawn for Long-Term Health
Not all nitrogen is created equal.
8/1/2012Newsletter: Do I Want Sulfur in My Garden?
Sulfur is necessary for optimal flavor and color in all plants.
10/16/2011Spring plant and soil health starts in the fall
Boost nutrients for the spring by adding treatments when trimming and clearing in the fall.
10/16/2011"Fall is for Planting"
The prime time for transplanting is autumn.
7/3/2011Black or Orange Spots on Leaves may be Leaf Rust
Identification and suggestions for treatment of fungal leaf rust
7/3/2011More tomatoes, fewer plants, less space and work.
Amazing Tomatoes can come from your garden this year without a lot of cost or work.
5/26/2011Late Planting Catch Up: Newsletter 26 May2011
If you haven't planted your garden yet, there is still hope!
4/14/2011Cut Costs at the Grocery Store
Several options to reduce costs while grocery shopping are discussed, with a focus on growing your own produce.
3/15/2011Helpful Tips for Starting Seeds at Home
From growing mediums to lessening transplant shock, find out which seeds need extra special care and how to care for your seedlings.
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