Glossary of Terms

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Soil Test
a process by which elements are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their bio-available content within the sample; also measures soil pH, organic matter and exchangeable acidity; the purpose is to determine fertilizer, lime and micronutrient needs
any bottle with a trigger top that can produce a fine mist for foliar or soil application
Garden Vigor product (calcium sulfate) that encourages healthy root growth and cell wall development; promotes better flavor and colors; does not change soil pH
Garden Vigor product that enhances soil structure and increases biological activity, nutrient availability and fertilizer efficiency; contains worm castings as fertilizer element and mychorrhizae for good-guy fungal development
the process of composting using worms to break down the organic material and produce a rich, natural fertilizer product
root rot condition that affects primarily woody plants, although it will also affect tomatoes, peppers and eggplant; typically identified by sudden wilting, yellowing of leaves or the death of a single branch or area of a plant, shrub or tree
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