Glossary of Terms

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root rot condition of turf grasses caused by poor drainage or over-watering; frequently found where thatch conditions or high levels of organic compounds exist; identified by leaf die-back or blight
early season root rot condition found primarily on soy beans; identified by reddish-brown lesions on stems
area of increased activity by microorganisms, typically found close to and upon root growth
Root Mass
total number of roots grown by plant; affected by too wet or dry soil and the presence or lack of nutrients
Root Rot
any number of fungi that will reduce plant health and growth and can produce plant death if allowed to continue to thrive; see also fusarium, phytophthora, pythium, rhizoctonia, and verticillium
Soil Amendment
changing the nutrition of the soil to allow it to feed the plant rather than providing chemical additives to feed the plant without consideration of the soil content
Soil Application
applying nutrients or amendments to the soils rather by a foliar application process
Soil Ecosystem
interactions between plants, microorganisms, and the soil and their ability to work together as a functional unit
Soil pH
level of acidity or alkalinity in soil; determines which nutrients can be available for assimilation; most plants prefer a primarily neutral pH level of 6-7.2
Soil Structure
the grouping or arrangement of primary particles including sand, silt, clay and organic matter; affects water shedding and nutrient availability; also known as soil tilth
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