Glossary of Terms

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minerals that are needed in minute amounts for proper growth and metabolism
good-guy fungi that live around and off of plant roots; plants use the fungus to draw nutrients from the soil
Nitrogen Production
plants draw nitrogen from the air and store it in root nodules for later use
storage sacs created by bacteria for reproduction that lie in root lines and store nutrients for later use
sugars produced by plants for immuno-protection
Organically Certified
a product which has been kept free from chemical pesticides and herbicides and was treated with only natural sources of nutrients
Orthophosphate is a readily available form of phosphorous that plants use for energy - with a regular application of Emerald Mist, the amount of orthophosphate can be increased. This can speed up the root development and growth of a plant.
a form of water mold that infests the roots of plants and destroys root tissue; caused by poorly draining soil and overwatering; frequently found on ornamentals and plants surrounded by mulch with low levels of aeration; can live in soil for extended periods without host; identified by branch die-back, reduction in shoot growth, small leaves, and thinning crowns; diseased roots are reddish-brown and brittle
Plant Immune System
internal receptors which identify pathogenic proteins as harmful
Powdery Mildew
mildew condition which appears as gray and dust-like or powdery and white on leaves and stems, especially during warm, humid conditions; rectified by applying fungicide (Treat with Garden Vigor product Emerald Mist)
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