Glossary of Terms

The News
the ability of soil to shed excess water
Emerald Mist
Garden Vigor product that provides fungicidal activity and micronutrients for strong cell walls throughout the plant
generic term for any product designed to create a healthy environment for plant growth
Foliar Application
application, typically by spray mist, directly onto the foliage (leaves) of a plant
substance that inhibits growth or kills fungi on plants or animals, either by systemic or direct application
form of root rot typically found on grain crops such as soy beans, rice, wheat, barley and rye; if grains so infected are ingested, symptoms of contamination appear as allergic reactions and exposure can become carcinogenic if ingested for long periods of time; the color of the colony may be white, cream, tan, salmon, cinnamon, yellow, red, violet, pink, or purple
Good Guy Bacteria
probiotics for plants; crowd out bad bacteria by reproducing more quickly and eating up the food supply
calcium sulfate; breaks apart in the soil to provide calcium for root and cell growth and sulfur for premium color and flavor; sulfur also helps soften soil when high clay content is present
Garden Vigor product that is certified organic, loaded with sugars for efficient plant growth, micorrhizae for healthy roots and may be applied to foliage and soil
Microbial Communities
differing strains of fungi and bacteria that help or hinder plant growth and are affected by tillage, drainage and nutrients present
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