Glossary of Terms

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Aluminum Toxicity
acidic soil condition that prevents or stunts crop growth; rectified by application of lime to increase pH and mineral availability.
Amino Acid
natural compounds placed in the soil to break up existing elemental compounds to create bio-available nutrients for plants
Beneficial Bacteria
"good-guy" bacteria that take over the rhizosphere and eat up the nutrients that the 'bad guys' like and starve them out; communicate to the plant that it needs to turn on its immune system
a product designed to speed up the growth rate of plants
elements in the soil that are easily assimilated by the plant
a product designed to stimulate plant growth
Blossom End Rot
calcium deficiency condition which creates dark, leathery lesion on blossom end of fruits which may overtake up to half the fruit; rectified by applying a bio-available calcium source (Treat with Garden Vigor product: Sulf-O-Cal)
Cell Walls
internal structures in each cell of a plant that hold in flavor, color and nutrition
Garden Vigor product which places lime in the soil to reduce acidity and encourage stronger cell wall growth
fungi which rob plants of energy and flowering and fruiting ability; frequently referred to as 'bugs' by plant physiologists
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