Prevent Anthracnose with VermActant and Emerald Mist

Emerald Mist and VermActant can fight against Anthracnose and provide visually stunning produce like this.Anthracnose fungal spores are common in soil and can affect a large variety of plants and trees.

Active spores of Anthracnose are carried through wind and rain and could already be present in your soil. The spores overwinter effectively and can survive many types of climate conditions.
Optimal conditions for the growth and spread of anthracnose fungal spores are wet and warm summers. And if conditions are favorable enough, the disease can come and go in repeated cycles throughout the summer season.

Anthracnose affects every plant, vegetable or tree species in different ways. Early symptoms of Anthracnose on your tomatoes or peppers are lesions on the skin of the fruit that will eventually become dark and sunken. As the disease progresses, the fruit will rot completely. Healthy fruit can turn rotten in just a few days.

To control and prevent anthracnose for your tomatoes or peppers, make sure to plant in well-drained soil and avoid overwatering. If you are concerned about the possible spread of anthracnose, you can harvest your tomatoes or peppers early and let them shelf ripen in the sun.

For trees, anthracnose causes telltale cankers to form on bark and twig portions and, depending on the type of tree, the disease could range from a mild to severe case. Anthracnose can affect sycamore, ash, oak, maple, and walnut trees just to name a few.

Preventing the spread of anthracnose fungal spores for trees is different from tomatoes and peppers. In the fall, be sure to clean up dead plant debris, leaves and twigs from the areas around your trees. The fungal spores of anthracnose can overwinter in any excess plant debris. Also, improving the air circulation to trees by pruning effectively can help reduce the spread of anthracnose.

Maintaining the health of your plants and trees is an effective strategy to help prevent anthracnose. Healthy plants will be able to fight against an invading disease or recover from a previous one more effectively. An enhanced fertilizer product like Emerald Mist can provide exceptional foliar and soil nutrition to ensure that your plants are healthy and full of vigor.

Both Emerald Mist and VermActant are environmentally friendly, natural gardening products that help in the prevention of anthracnose. For an earth-friendly micronutrient fertilizer that enhances growth and provides extraordinary fungicidal protection, use Emerald Mist. In addition, using Garden Vigor's VermActant will improve soil structure, fertilizer efficiency, and develop "good-guy" fungi to help fight against invading anthracnose.

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