Leaf Rust - A Common Fungal Garden Disease

Leaf rust can cause brown or black spots on leaves, so make your rose shrubs beautiful this year with leaf rust preventative care using Emerald MistLeaf rust is a widespread fungal disease that can affect many plants and trees. You may not notice this disease at first because it can overwinter on plants and wait to crop-up when conditions become favorable: usually from mid-April onward and in wetter and higher humidity conditions. Leaf rust is also a big problem for cereal crop growers and can hit wheat especially hard.

To spot the early symptoms of leaf rust, check the backside of plant leaves. If you see circular brown spots on the leaves, then the fungal spores that are common to leaf rust have started to grow on the plant. As the disease progresses, it can infect the whole plant including the stem.

Depending on the specific type of leaf rust, there can be different colors of spores. In addition to brown, the color of the spores on the backside of the leaves can be orange, white or black.

Some plants will be more susceptible to leaf rust infections. Determining factors include hardiness to fungal disease in general. Roses are particularly susceptible to leaf rust. These infections can become unsightly to a gardener who appreciates the delicate and beautiful rose bush and its flowers.

How does a gardener treat and prevent leaf rust? The first step to treating an existing leaf rust infection will be to remove the affected leaves. Bag them and dispose of them with other garbage. Do not place contaminated leaves in your compost bin, because the fungal spores can still live in active compost. Secondly, preventative care is the key to keeping leaf rust under control.

A regular application of our outstanding plant nutrition product, Emerald Mist, can provide exceptional fungicide protection against an invading fungal disease like leaf rust. In addition, Emerald Mist is an earth-friendly micronutrient fertilizer that can enhance the growth and color of your plants and blooms. Just a fine mist on the leaves of the plant can supplement a plant's nutritional requirement for a week to ten days.

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