Garden Problems?

We have answers. And on this site, we'll set about delivering them.

Let's start with a brief overview of the reality that governs much of what happens in your garden:
  1. Plants are structured to capture carbon and several other elements from the atmosphere.
  2. They then release those elements from their  roots and give them over to microbes living in the soil around their root systems.
  3. Thus enriched, those microbes grow.
  4. As they grow, they release special acid compounds that etch away minerals from the soil.
  5. Those minerals are picked up by the plants and act as fertilizer, nourishing the plants and helping them grow bigger.
  6. So nourished, the plants, in turn, re-feed the soil.
As you can see, a circular process is at work here; an entirely natural biological process that generally works well on its own.

But plants and soils can become malnourished, diseased, ill-suited for keeping the circle of life turning.

That's where Garden Vigor can help. Our products are scientifically formulated to correct soil and plant nutritional deficiencies - to make gardens grow bigger, healthier, hardier.

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